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Great show with Phil who is an astounding Clairvoyant. His guests are always very engaging and interesting. A lovely time spent amongst like minded spiritual folk, and you will come away uplifted. 

Seek Phil out for a private reading for guidance, he is one of the best readers out there.

Jennifer Stern New Zealand

Phil gave me a mini reading last week and what he said really amazed me, I would recommend him totally  x

Deb Bowdidge UK

I aways enjoy watching the shows, topic of conversations are always interesting, encouraging and inspiring. Having had a reading which was spot on, Phil and all of his wonderful guests are truly gifted and deliver with such warmth and positivity, topped with fun and good humour makes for a highly recommended show. Thank You Cafe Clairvoyance for a great uplifting show, that brings people around the world together and encouragement onto my own path of self discovery 

Thalia Mitchell UK

Check out Cafe Clairvoyance on Jun 16 . I'll be the guest. The host, Phil Griggs is an amazing gifted clairvoyant medium (he sees dead people!!) Well, more hears and feels. If you know Crossing over with Jonathan Edwards, this guy is the European counterpart. I've known Phil since 2006 now, and have experienced his amazing abilities. We'll be talking all things music, spiritual and specifically, what very new transformations people may be experiencing since this past Dec into the future and what major shift you can look for to really ease yourself into this new time period we're all entering. Its biblical! See you then!

Kris Bullock USA

fun place to meet up for likeminded spiritual people, always a pleasure to listen to with vast knowledge and ideas, love it :)

Mel Bailey UK

Fun show with lots of laughs but also lots of informative stuff.

Very interactive!!! Love it

Helen Grady Sapin/UK

Good fun and great mediumship, and good interactive advice

Robert Farley UK

I started a mediumship course with Phil a couple of weeks before lockdown happened... So the face to face sessions moved to an online platform. I personally found it hard to connect mentally the first time, but Phil's positivity is infectious and he is very good at motivating you to keep going and to keep believing in your own abilities. I discovered that we all have psychic powers, and that they all differ from one person to another. For me, I found out that I can do 'psychic writing', receiving messages through writing. The course is both relaxed and engaging, and I am so glad I joined!

Eric Champon Spain

Love listening to cafe clairvoyance. Interesting stuff and a variety of things happening. X

Sandra Kenealy UK

Love listening to cafe clairvoyance. Interesting stuff and a variety of things happening. X

Mila Zimunhu Spain

The spiritual and astrology world 🌎 are my favourite places to get away from what’s happening in the sometimes very superficial world we live in . You will love cafe clairvoyance it will really nourish your soul 

Jody Smart - Oceana Club Spain

Yes it's lively fun show with lots of interesting topics.

Kev Grady Spain/UK

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