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Deb’s Diary.

27th July 2020

Well, what a week it has been! The weather is really getting hot here in Spain, it seems like everything, including me, is melting.

Bachio our dog has been to the vets, for a long overdue operation and I ventured out to the shops for the first time since March. What an experience, I won’t be rushing back out to the shops, that’s for sure.

We had two brilliant Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows last week and both featured the fabulous Spiritual Medium Helen Grady.

Helen and Phil gave an amazing demonstration of clairvoyance on the Café Clairvoyance Tuesday Spiritual Show.

The Café Clairvoyance Wednesday Spiritual Astrology Show really rocked with Helen joining Phil and Guiomar, for a really interesting and lively astrology show.

I have been busy booking guests for the Café Clairvoyance Tuesday Spiritual Show and have been really blown away, by the support we are being given. 

I think meeting new people and chatting with them, has to be one of the most fun aspects of producing the Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows.

Phil has also been busy organising courses and workshops and will be releasing dates and details soon.

Please check out our Café Clairvoyance Page and our Café Clairvoyance Group on Facebook. 

It would be great if we could raise our Facebook profile, so please like our page and share our free spiritual shows.

Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows are also available on YouTube.

Please contact us, if you have a spiritual interest, organisation or event, you would like us to share.

I would also like to give a shout out to the Healing in Javea Group on Facebook. I really love the concept of feeling connected to other spiritual lightworkers. 

I have always believed that amazing things can be achieved by supporting each other and building networks of spirituality.

Thank you to everyone who supports our Café Clairvoyance community and a big air kiss and socially distanced hug to everyone who joins in and takes part in the live chat on the Café Clairvoyance Shows.

Debra x

Café Clairvoyance Blog 3rd August 2020

Deb’s Diary

Well, hello August and we have kicked off with a full Moon in Aquarius giving this month a challenging yet revolutionary start.

We have some great guests booked for the Café Clairvoyance Tuesday Spiritual Show in August.

So, slow, sleepy, sunny August should wake up and roar on Tuesday nights.

Health matters have loomed large for me recently and so I have decided to make some positive changes to my health and well - being.

With this aim in mind, I decided to make an appointment with Michelle Lodge Gonzalez of CTM, for a Kinesiology session.*

I had the food intolerances I had suspected confirmed and an old food intolerance to gluten was still present. Michelle recommended the supplements my body requires and the dietary changes I need to make. I have certainly been out of balance.

Just as a disclaimer, I always support conventional medicine and recommend people to seek appropriate advice from their health care provider. However, here are many complimentary options available to work in conjunction with mainstream medicine.

It was great to catch up with Helen Davis of Spread Some Sunshine on Friday morning and to support her fundraising endeavours.

The money raised by Helen and the Spread Some Sunshine is really making a difference to the lives of the children and villagers on the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka.

Please check out the progress of this amazing project and their achievements via Helen’s Facebook group – Spread Some Sunshine S.L.*

The Café Clairvoyance Wednesday Spiritual Astrology Shows hosted by Phil Griggs and Guiomar Ramirez – Montesinos can often lead to some very lively and interesting discussions and debates. The current planetary activity and astrological energies and vibes, seem to be affecting many of us, in these very interesting times.

Please can I ask that if anyone would like a spiritual and astrological reading on the Café Clairvoyance Wednesday Spiritual Show that your date of birth with one favourite colour plus one question is sent in to us, in advance.

The reason we ask for the information in advance is because the astrologers need the information to construct your basic solar chart.

I look forwards to meeting up with everyone on our Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows and would like to say how much we do value everyone’s support.

Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows are free and are available on YouTube.

All information and updates can also be found on the Café Clairvoyance Page and in the Café Clairvoyance Group – both on Facebook.

*Contact details for Michelle Lodge Gonzalez: Tel: 633725667

*Helen Davis – Spread Some Sunshine Facebook S.L


Kind regards, Debra x

Hello and a very happy New Year to you 2021..

We hope you are well and keeping safe and did manage to enjoy a nice Christmas and new year.

We just wanted to update you on our changes to the Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Show times and information about our proposed activities with our Cafe sites on Facebook.

The Cafe Clairvoyance Astrology Spiritual Show will continue on Wednesday mornings at 11am EU/10am UK 

The Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Show will be on Friday evenings at 8pm EU/7pm UK .

Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows can be viewed on Facebook via the Cafe Clairvoyance Page or YouTube and and

Instagram #cafeclairvoyance 

Cafe Clairvoyance has a growing group on Facebook and you are welcome to join us in this interactive Cafe Clairvoyance Group.

We also are part of a team that are helping small businesses to grow and flourish and our CafeNetworking community is growing and we are now hosting monthly motivational business meetings in the Costa Blanca region. (Subject to current restrictions.) 

The next CafeNetworking Business Brunch will be at the Gran Sol Hotel, Urb 03710, Calpe on 22nd January from 10am-1pm Entrance €10, (includes brunch).


Join us every Monday morning at 10.30am EU time for #SocialMediaMonday with live video chats about social and digital media plus its impact on the future of business networking.

CafeNetworking Group on Facebook and Instagram #CafeNetworking

This new year will also see more focus on motivation, positivity and wellness. 

Our CafeWellness Group on Facebook will reflect this growing positive trend and more live videos and interaction will be happening in CafeWellness, Cafe Clairvoyance and CafeNetworking.


Debra is currently updating and changing her Spiritual Whispers Group  on Facebook and is including social learning units and a mentorship scheme in the group. If you would like to be part of this innovative Facebook group please contact us.

Coming soon will be the Cafe Clairvoyance Club and hopefully we will be able to find a suitable venue for a weekly Cafe Clairvoyance meet up - if current circumstances allow, of course.

Here are some links below and we look forwards to connecting and re-connecting with everyone this year.

Happy New Year and warm wishes Phil and Debra x

February 2021

Hello and welcome to February 2021.

We just thought we would write a line or two to say how much we appreciate all the support from everyone who watches and joins in with our Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows.

As February is the month of love with Valentine’s day on the 14th February, we have a special Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual show on Tuesday 16th February 2021 - 11am EU/10am UK.

The show will feature guest Irene Bryan who is a Life Codes Coach discussing the concept of Twin Flames and the divine spark of love.

Many of us are experiencing lockdowns, curfews and restrictions and we hope that our Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows bring a little bit of fun, laughter and spirituality into this trying time.

All details of the Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows for February can be found on Facebook on our Cafe Clairvoyance Page and also in our Cafe Clairvoyance Group on Facebook.

We can also be found on YouTube, where it is free to subscribe. and 

We also have a CafeNetworking page and group on Facebook (also available on YouTube) co-hosted with Mia Zimunhu who is a Social Media Strategist and we host live interviews via Streamyard on the CafeNetworking Media Monday morning.

If you would like to be interviewed and discuss your business and /or business strategies and tips to a growing audience, then please contact us. is now functioning and we look forwards to presenting more live videos and discussing interesting wellness related topics.

We can also be found on Instagram  @cafeclairvoyance @cafenetworkingand consulting

Warm wishes to you all, take care and stay safe

Phil, Debra and Mila


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